Happy 2ND birthday to us! And thank you!

GRATITUDE POST: Happy 2nd Birthday!🎂❤️🎂🎉

It’s been two year today since I opened the doors of the studio today! We managed to get open for just one day before closing for the first of the many long long lockdowns over the past two years. It’s been a crazy ride so far and I am super blessed and grateful to everyone who has helped keep the faith!

So thank you to @adamcaudilltattoo for supporting me throughout. All the artists @markp_tattoo @charlparkertattoo @tattoosdonthurt it’s a blessing to hang out with you guys every day. To @skellbonesart and @robw247 for keeping us in kitchen roll and email replies the unsung heroes of the counter.

To every single customer who has sat in our chairs over the last two years thank you, you will never know how truly grateful we all are that you come to get tattooed by us and being patient and sticking with us with all the many date changes forced upon us.

We have exciting times ahead and are looking forward to it. Cheers Sharon ❤️❤️❤️

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